Georgia @ Alabama

Georgia has a freshmen Crump that can help JJ Frazier. He has range 2 long 3’s from about 30 feet. If we speed Georgia up we can handle them. Alabama battling but can’t take care of the ball when they needed too! JJ Fraizer took over. And GA wins !

For most of the game, Alabama looked awful last night – and Georgia still only won by 5. Bama came on at the end, but it was too little, too late. If UGA plays at the level they played last night, I think we thump them next week. Frazier is a beast to cover, but I don’t see him beating us by himself.

JJ Fraizer will need a lot of help. Crump will be the will card for GA when they play our hogs! If he plays enough minutes and gets hot it may be closer than we want.
When I watch GA JJ reminds me of our old PG Reed. Man was he good getting people involved.

I am so confused by this. He is averaging 5.4 minutes a game and 2.7 ppg.

He had 6 points in 9 minutes against Alabama