My how the mighty have fallen. From packing the big arena in Landover and winning the NC in the 80’s to losing to the Injun Wolves in a crummy on campus gym last night.

Reply: Yeah perhaps but i image there no second thoughts after booting those bigger colleges out of their conference

Georgetown still plays in a big arena (Verizon Center in downtown DC, not the one in Landover which was torn down in 2003), but they couldn’t use it last night because the Wizards had a home game. It was only their third game on campus in the last eight seasons. (Side note: Since the Verizon Center also is home of the Capitals NHL team, it’s a wonder that GU gets so many of its games there; that’s like 100 dates from October to April. The building is booked 23 of the 31 days in December, including concerts, a WWE show, hoops and hockey, according to its website).

Congrats to ASWho. From all accounts they completely dominated the game. And, according to, collected a $95,000 check as the rent-a-cupcake.

Georgetown had a soul-crushing collapse of a loss to Maryland a few days ago in a game that they had control of late. Not to take anything away from ASU, but they caught Georgetown at a good time.

That was one of the undercard games for the Maui Invitational, meant to build interest in the event the week before. I wonder if any of the home teams have ever lost one of those games? I can’t remember it happening.

Do you wonder whether playing on an unfamiliar court affected Georgetown? I do not know whether they are unfamiliar with it - where do they practice anyway? - but if they do not play many games there, could have been a factor.

Quite possible. They have a practice facility, the John Thompson Athletic Center, and they’ve only played three games at McDonough in the last eight seasons. I would think they would have practiced there at least once this week to get a feel for the rims, though.