I hope and pray your wife is home for Christmas. I haven’t seen any updates lately. May God bless your wife and your entire family.

Army, bless you for checking. We came home on Wednesday. I meant to update, but its been a bit overwhelming.

Its a rough go. She is recovering but its real slow. She struggles with words and has bad headaches, but she is alive and home for Christmas.

I would like to thank all of you for the prayers. God is great. He allowed me more time with my wife.

I hope everyone has a merry and blessed Christmas

Prayers for you and your wife GentryRzbk. Good to know your wife is home. Blessing for a full recovery.

Continued prayers for her recovery Gentry and glad she was home for Christmas, nothing better than that!!!

Bless her, Gentry. Enjoy your time with her…

Thanks for the updates. When they say small steps in a recovery like this, that’s what they mean. I celebrate and pray for more small steps.

Will continue to pray for her and the family…God bless you…