Gentle reminder here

Doesn’t happen much, but it happened today, so I thought I’d remind everybody.

Websites are pretty much all under copyright protection. Certainly anything that you might have to pay to read. But even if its free, assume that it’s copyrighted. In that case, if there’s something in an article there that you want to bring to the attention of the board, great. You can cut and paste sentences, maybe a paragraph or two, with an attribution of where you found it (“Albert Breer at had this take about the Cowboys”). No problem. Or post a link to the entire story. What you can’t do is copy and paste an entire story, or most of it. That violates copyright law and WHS is responsible for that. That’s what happened today, and I had to delete the post.

If you don’t know how to post a link, it’s simple. Copy the URL of the story you want, come back to a post here and click the icon that looks like two links of a chain over the posting window. That will give you the “Insert Hyperlink” window. Paste the URL in the top space, and if you want to name the link as it will appear here, put a name in the bottom space. And you get something that looks like this:

WHS forum rules and helpful links

Or if you don’t rename it, it looks like this: