General recruiting Q for DD or RD

I know it’s early, but do either of you have a feel on our chances of salvaging this recruiting class? I’ve read about a couple who seem to be at least reconsidering us, but with the Dec signing dates, it sure seems to put us behind the 8 ball.

Not right now no. Odds are against having a good class.

Really hard to imagine having a successful early signing period when Arkansas does not even have their coordinators hired but I predict the Arkansas kids and a maybe a couple of out of state surprises but they are going to have to do well in the second signing period.

I also expect that the Transfer Portal will be huge for them. They are a really young football team and could use some older players who want to have a shot at playing immediately and Arkansas looks to be a perfect opportunity for that type of player.

It’s a long time until national signing day. We can turn Sam and staff loose on the portal and look for diamonds in the rough plus flip one or two or three. We should be able to get around 30th in the nation, which is close to where we would have been anyway.

I’d be thrilled if we could get this class up to 30th in the nation. Right now we’re something like 117. Obviously we won’t finish that low, but I’d hate for us to finish in the 70’s or worse.