General question on timeouts

I watch college and pro football every weekend but have not been able to figure this one out.

Some timeouts are full timeouts and some are thirty seconds.

Is that a coach’s or referee’s decision? Or is there a rule that governs based on the situation?

I’m almost certain the ref’s don’t decide. Otherwise, every Arkansas timeout would only be 30 seconds…

I think it is dependent on TV. If TV has not hit its commercial quota, a team timeout can trigger a full commercial break. If TV stays with the game, the timeout is 30 seconds.

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For televised games in the NCAA, all timeouts are 30 seconds, but the coach may ask for a full timeout once per half (Rule 3.7.b). Same applies for timeouts in overtime.

A full timeout is one minute plus 5 seconds of referee notification and the 25 second play clock before play resumes, BTW. So essentially 90 seconds. Which may be converted to a TVTO as needed,

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Thanks! Had no idea. Just another layer of game management.


I never thought about it before, thanks for asking the question and thanks for the answers.

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