Geez....wheres’s Gates


Not sure Gates is completely healthy wiht that hamstring yet. I haven’t heard, but those things are slow to heal. DVH might want to rest him a bit in this mid-week game.

They sure haven’t needed to play him hurt in the cold weather. Get him healthy!

Gates is not healthy with his hamstring. He played against Grambling last week for a little while and it was obvious he was still hobbled.

Plus, I wouldn’t take McFarland out of the lineup. He has been consistent at the bottom of the order for a while now, including 2-for-5 tonight.

Valid point! As well he has made some big plays at first as well

I didn’t realize he was still that banged up. I was talking about inserting him at DH, not replacing McFarland. Bonfield did have a nice triple but still…

Bonfield isn’t moving out of the lineup, except for a midweek game here and there to give him some rest.

I’m afraid you’re right Matt…

For all the hand-wringing about Bonfield, he has done OK since moving down in the lineup. His average leaves some to be desired, but add in walks and he is reaching base one in three plate appearances. He also has scored 5 runs and has 4 RBI in the last eight games.

I’ve thought for some time Bonfield was better than the fans gave him credit for. I agree he was too reluctant to swing for a while, but DVH got him out of that mindset pretty quick. Since then, he’s been steady. I don’t understand the hand wringing.

Look, I’m not saying he’s terrible and should never play but he’s batting .231 in conference. He walks a lot but I don’t want our DH walking all the time. I want them driving in runs. I just don’t see why Gates doesn’t get more run…especially against RH’s. I think Gates can really hit when he’s right.

He did not do well the first few SEC series. However, I’d bet if you checked his batting average over the past 2-3 weeks, it’s showing significant improvement. As for why he’s in ahead of Gates (other than Gates’s injury), I have no idea. DVH probably knows, but I don’t. Of course, I haven’t coached a lot of college programs to the CWS, either.

Because. He. Is. Injured.

Not really…7-33 during last 3 SEC series (SC, Auburn, and Ole Miss). I’m sure DVH has his reasons for giving him so much PT and no…I have no CWS appearances on my resume either. DVH has forgotten more about baseball than I’ll ever know but I just don’t get it with Bonfield. That’s all…

DVH. Said. He. Could. Still. Hit.

Gates can hit, but when injured he becomes a liability when he gets on base. Its station to station; no hit and runs, no advancing on a sac fly, etc. You’re almost inclined to pinch-run for him if he gets a hit, especially with less than two outs.

The last time that I saw Gates play, he limped to first on a hit and was immediately removed for a pinch runner. He was simply not in condition to run the bases.

Exactly. This isn’t like football where he can come in to do one thing like kick a field goal & then come out of the game. We can’t insert him to hit, let someone run for him, then put him back in the batting order. The issue with Gates seems pretty straightforward to me.

There’s another guy who deserves to be considered for the DH spot at times, especially against a right handed pitcher with a great curve: Evan Lee.

Yep…totally agree