Geez refs

As bad as we’re playing, MO doesn’t need any help. Beard run over twice and gets foul called on him both times.;

I have become used to that happening. We just need to go to the hole and take it to em. Can’t afford this one to be a loss

Both bad calls, especially the 2nd one. I also thought the Moses technical was ridiculous. It was a slight push.

Not the refs on this one.

They are hitting shots and sharing the ball, we are missing free throws and playing hero ball. Plain and simple. Still time to comeback. If there’s any team that will let you do it, it’s Mizzou.

I kinda had a bad feeling about how we would come out, when I was hearing Hannahs and Barford at the press conference, joking and laughing when they were asked about Mizzou. Mizzou has guys that are capable as they are showing tonight, they just haven’t been finishing. Seems like the guys looked at this game as a stat booster game, thought they would show up and get the win.

And this is something I just found out yesterday, but this would be the longest losing streak in Mizzou history if they lose tonight, I’m sure their staff stressed this to them, and they came out with a lot of energy not wanting to make that bad history.

I said the same thing this morning on a different board. Woke up, looked at the game and just got that bad feeling. Same as I had when we played them in football. Didn’t know about losing streak. Also, just saw that they are playing for one of the coaches’ daughter today. He is fighting pediatric cancer. Pretty sure they’re fired up. Hope they lose some momentum in the 2nd half