Geez, message boards after any loss

I know it is going to happen because it always does. I’m just too stupid to stay off a couple of days and let it go. First, this young team that lost 83% of its scoring last year, has exceeded even the most ardent fans’ expectations. This can be somewhat proven by the fact that when we were 6-1, we were also 6-1 vs the Vegas spread. That’s exceeding everyone’s expectations.

We’ve lost 2 games this year by a total of 3 points (1 we were the underdog and 1 we were the favorite). We beat one of the best teams in the Big Ten in a game we were the underdog. We lost a game last night because we played 6 minutes of bad defensive basketball coming out of the half. It was against a good (not great) team that played it’s best game of the year. It was still a bad loss to a team we should have beaten. That happens all the time in college basketball, especially before, during, and right after finals week. Just look at the upsets yesterday and in this upcoming week.

I was disappointed, like everyone else. This team has been playing good intense defense all year, well above what I expected of a team this young. That lack of great defensive effort to start the 2nd half was what disappointed me the most.

I am NOT, though, disappointed in this team thus far. I believe they will learn from this loss, and be better for it going forward. I’m very excited about this team and look forward to all the upcoming games and their continued improvement. It’s going to be an exciting season.

And, this post is directed as much toward me as any other poster. I constantly over-react after Hog losses in football, basketball, and baseball (the World Series).

Perfect post.

Good post, I agree.

Go Hogs!


Agree! Good Post.

Spot on. My sentiments exactly. This team is on a steep learning curve, and there is going to be an occasional hiccup. Got to look at the big picture.