Geez Louisville lost again

They are 0 - 3 with all 3 losses by 1 point.

Better them than us.

Please YouTube the ending of the Louisville vs. Bellarmine game last week. You won’t regret it. The score was 67-66 Bellarmine leading and Louisville had the ball with about 10 seconds left. Louisville missed one shot, got the rebound, missed another then the Bellarmine player rebounded the ball and threw the ball over his head towards the other end of the court without looking. There were no players on the other end. it bounced out of bound with .5 seconds left on the clock and Louisville loses. Brilliant play. You gotta see it. One of the all time best plays you’ll ever see. Bellarmine is a small Catholic school with 2,500 students in Louisville.

Bellarmine is a machine in the half court.

Ball never stops moving
Truly beautiful

One or two men cutting to the basket at any given moment. Fun to watch.

I think they would surpass Muss’ 200 pass test…

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My best friend lives in Louisville. He’s become a Bellarmine fan. He mentioned the passing.

My favorite play in basketball. Funny story, my daughter did that when trapped at the top of key in a 3rd grade game. She tossed it backwards over her head and it hit off the backboard. Teammate rebounded and put it in. We are in a timeout soon afterwards. Sarah asked if she gets an assist. She said I did not answer so figured she better not try it again. Third grade basketball is interesting.


3rd grade basketball is interesting in several ways. Our granddaughter played last year and her dad coached. Those girls running around everywhere is fun to watch. One game last year we sat next to a grandmother from the other team. This crazy lady continuously yelled at the (teen aged) refs. Really bad. Leaving the gym the young lady ref had her head hung down looked near tears. Several folks went over and told her she did a great job (me included).

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