Geez guys

There’s 20 negative posts for every positive post on this page! We’ve played phenomenal offensive game. Rawleigh with 5 TDs and over 200 yards, yet there’s hardly any posts about him! So our D isn’t playing well, they played better than Miss St, a team who’s beaten us 4 straight games!

Why can’t you just enjoy a GREAT win!

Rawleigh has been nothing short of Fantastic!

completely agree!

I could not agree more… This place has become Hogville jr… So many miserable “Fans”. :lol:

And that too bad too, Loving the posts and content from the Staff. Good job guys.

I agree. Good to get a nice win.

I was impressed with the Oline tonight. I think they gained some confidence tonight. Our offense is pretty unstoppable if AA has time to go through his progressions. I don’t want to talk about the defense…bad.

It’s the sports message board mentality. Any positive comment isn’t keeping it real, even though sometimes the positive outweighs the negative. It’s the grumpy old man/Internet tough guy deal.

Having said that I wasn’t very happy about the LSU beatdown last week.

But, Objectivity Blvd is a 2-way thoroughfare. Some of our fans don’t get that and I’m convinced some of them are happier when we struggle and they have more to gripe about.