Gee, whatever could he be referring to?

:dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:


I love how he approaches it. It would be so easy to chastize the fans, and many administrations would, but he embraces it.

Love our AD


Yeah he’s the best…perfect fit for us!


Before the game I was heavily in the “don’t storm the court” camp. I still think the arguments against it are valid and as a rule I still think it’s a bad idea. However, while watching it last night I decided that was too good a moment to pass up.

There are incidents of “storming the court” and then there is really storming the court. We’d have been fined $250k if just 200 or so had gotten onto the court. That court was packed & then overflowed into the first few rows of bleachers. It was such an enormous expression of joy & enthusiasm I can now say I’m glad it happened. The team got to bask in the moment, the video can be a recruiting tool, and thank God, no one was hurt. I don’t want to do it again this year–or even for several years–but that was one great celebration. It was fun to watch.


Storming didn’t do it justice, it was more tsunami like. It will have an impact on the recruiting front, the Hog players were in a dream state riding a sea of raw emotional support and love. $250,000 is a cheap price for that kind of marketing tool, especially in the hands of Muss.


Upon further review, beating #1 for the second time in school history, and the first time in 38 years, is probably worth a court storming. I’ve been in on three court/field stormings myself (US at Austin, Balentine’s Day in PB, and the LSU game in '14). In retrospect I think all three were justified.


He really is a *****AD. The way HY interacts with the students and athletes is unusual and is a huge positive. We got lucky with his hire.


Although I was at Balentine’s Day, LSU in '14, Texas '81 and Texas 21, I didn’t storm the court/field at any of those.

The only time I have ever “stormed the court” was when Hendrix won the AIC tournament in (I think) 1984. One of the local stations had me on video with a girl on my shoulders celebrating the win. :laughing: Not quite the same atmosphere as any of those mentioned above!


And just to confirm…

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a marketing fee that goes to a good cause

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Honestly, as much as I want Sam Pittman’s raise to be finalized and announced, an announcement about a new contract for HY would make me feel even better.

I hope the boosters, board and whoever else see what we have in him. Other programs are watching and will come for him at some point.

We need to lock him down. Like now.


Great airtimes play and positive vibes for the program, cheaper than paying a similar clip for a 20-30 sec. advertisement in a prime time.

In 2018, HY was the third highest paid AD in the SEC at just over $1M. Dunno if he had raises built into that deal, or attainable bonuses.

Thanks, that is good to know. Glad it isn’t middle of the pack.

Go warriors :sunglasses:

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I was one of the “stormers” in Pine Bluff. A few years ago I had the pleasure of giving Brad Daugherty a hard time about that loss. He’s a good guy.

Having a girl in your shoulders in any storming is worth it!!!


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