Gee no lets get ride of coach Anderson

Winning solves lots of problems.

Comments- unfortunately they are still out there, their passion is driven by something other than this team’s success. All they need to come out is a negative platform

I really don’t think that is the case. I assume you mean race. Bull crap. Not saying there aren’t a few racist idiots out there, but I don’t believe for a second that is the issue for 99% of those who have questioned CMA.

If you didn’t mean race, what did you mean???

I don’t take it as a racist suggestion, there are people who wanted someone like Self and the old TTech coach instead of MA. They complained when Stan and Pelphrey were here also. JMO.

OK, I hope that is what he meant. Speaking for myself, I didn’t want CMA at the time, but, it turns out the coaches I wanted just were not interested. That said, (and this would be true even if the coaches I wanted had been interested and we just went another direction) once he was hired there was nothing I wanted more than for him to win, win, win.

With all due respect.

I don’t think any fan can demand universal love of a coach.

Or suggest anything less is disloyal.

Some may be less than 100 percent sold.

I don’t think it unconscionable to question a program that has gone 1 for 5 in making ncaa tournaments.

But that doesn’t mean most aren’t rooting like crazy for Mike to make the tourney and be successful.

I know I certainly am. Have always liked him and want him to be successful.

Some may never have liked a particular coach but calling them out or questioning whether they are a real fan doesn’t seem to me the best way to persuade.

We are all fans and all want this basketball program to be in NCAAs every year.

Thrilled we are on a roll and that our fans are getting excited for a strong finish.

Stillgreg and bushhog, you each lumped yourself into the few that the OP was calling out and for me, at least, I think you did that erroneously. Neither of you disappear after wins and post only negative posts about Mike. You are both happy and post accordingly when we get great wins like these last 2 games. I could be wrong, but I don’t think he was alluding to either of you in his post.

There are a few (very few) who do ONLY post after bad losses and pass completely on ever posting a positive post about Mike and the Hogs. Even the mods call them out and that certainly does not include either of you.

Anyway, my 2 cents. Hopefully, I am correct on the intent of the OP.

Very well put.

That makes sense.


I know Mike Anderson is a good coach! I was one of the few that hoped he would get the job after Nolan. MA has had to rebuild the program and when there was troubles last year he stood his ground and sent J Williams down the road. Ted K did not qualify academically he still went 16-16! MA teaches these young men more than basketball and he will win the right way. I would not trade with anyone for their coach.
This season it has taken some difficult losses for this team to buy in and start playing together. Player performance has been the problem this year not coaching.
I’ve listened to my hogs on a radio overseas, steeped out of a delivery room to check the score and been live in person to call our hogs! There are people whom only post negative about losses those folks are just miserable in life. Let’s be proud of our hogs win or loose !
Race has nothing to do with anything I have said will say or think. We are all created by God!
God bless you all!

Well said.

Absolutely ignorant post. Someone with an agenda

Good gosh. CMA has got to produce or he’s gone. Same with CBB and any coach anywhere. It really is that simple.