Gators lose to Vandy

Vandy now with 2 SEC wins in a row! Gators now 6-5 (3-5). All the SEC talking heads had been talking about how great Napier was and that he had Florida back.

Kind of like how everybody talked about how great Pittman is and how he had Arkansas back?

Napier may wish he would have keep his old job! :worried:. The natives will get restless soon. I don’t as nice to see Vandy beat them.

I say Arkansas is back. We are now competitive and our players don’t quit. Would I like our record to be better…of course. This was never going to be a straight line to the top. It was always going to be peaks and valleys with hopefully our valleys being much more shallow than the past. This season is not over and our team has not given up…only some fans


Back to what? Better than the Chad Morris days? Ok, but that’s a pretty low bar. 5-5 is not “back” to the standard we should have at Arkansas. Liberty was not a well played game at all. We have questionable game management decisions. I really think CSP should have taken that job with Saban for a bit and he would have been a better HC for it.

What do you want? The team lost an All American safety, a starting cornerback, we have played without our another starter in Slusher I think 4 games, Bumper is playing so hurt he isn’t even playing 3rd downs, and we played two games without our starting QB. Like I said…would I like more wins…of course I would but if you hire a coach with no HC experiance there will be some growing pains. Overall I am very happy with our coaching and the fact that our players no longer quit on their coach. Can they get better…of course they can, both the players and the coaches. You seem to think our coaches and team suck. With that I very much do not agree.


It’s called progress. Yes we’ve had injuries, every team does, but we did not make progress this year. Just look at the record.

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We have suffered some bad luck this year, unfortunately some of it was of our making. I know that the measure of success is wins, and while I sometimes question my belief about our program moving forward, I do believe we moving in the right direction, albeit too slow for many.

I think with better recruiting and it looks like we are getting there, we will build depth and competition for playing time. Having to work harder in practice to get playing time, usually translates to better on field performance. Obviously the teams with good quarterback play tend to win at a higher percentage, so hopefully we will have the recruiters and the coaches/developers to manage this aspect. In conclusion, I still have hope.

Didn’t say they sucked at all. I’ve never said that. I’m also not going to set the bar at whatever ClusterF the Chad Morris days were. I’ve not been too critical of the defense this year given the rash of injuries and they’ve been getting better. They played a good game vs. LSU. Odom mixed up the defense pretty good.

But “back”? We’re a long way from being “back”. We have serious issues in the QB room. The O-line has regressed the past few games. And there are questionable decisions during the games that make it harder on the limited talent we have to win. Injuries have certainly exposed the lack of depth we have on offense and defense. I think we are a couple of recruiting classes away, depending on how they perform.

You can say the basketball team is “back”. The football team, not so fast my friend.