Gators' Keyonta Johnson collapses on court

Carried off on stretcher. In hospital in critical, but stable condition.

Dang that’s terrible, hoping he’s going to be alright.
Heart issue or?

They didn’t say. I didn’t see it, but the announcers said he was just walking on the court following a time out and collapsed on the floor. Certainly doesn’t sound good.

There’s footage of him walking towards mid court and he falls face first on to the court. He supposedly had COVID over the summer. If it’s heart related which I’m guessing it probably is, this could change how schools do things after a positive test.

My have to do some checkups following a positive test. Who knows he might of had some undetected heart issues before COVID.


I hate to speculate, and I’m no doctor, but my immediate thoughts were of a stroke. To go from perfectly normal and having just completed a dunk, to out on the floor and immobile, seems very stroke-like.

My Mother had a major stroke several years ago, and the way my Dad described it, reminded me of this. The difference was she didn’t lose her mobility immediately, but lost her cognitive abilities immediately. She was sitting in the passenger seat of their car, right after carrying on conversations with my Dad. Amazingly, after a year or two of therapy, she regained most of her speaking and cognitive abilities. She was in her late 70s when this happened.

Now, at 95, she’s pretty slow going from thoughts to orally expressing them at times, but can usually get them out in short order. I’ve been her care giver for nearly 8 years now, since my Father died. She’s really pretty healthy for 95 despite some holdover cognitive problems from that stroke.

Hopefully, at 20 years old, if indeed it was a stroke, he can regain all of his physical acumens in short order.

The following was posted yesterday in another thread by one of the doctors on this board. His initial reaction was:

eyes were open but he looked post ictal, not sure if there is a cardiac history. He was probably summer positive for Covid so myocarditis is being whispered about. That does not make sense for the suddeness, hopefully it could be as simple as hypoglycemia which does result in seizure. No epileptic activity described and no direct camera focus on the passing out event. No electrical shocks given on court, but who knows in transport. Game changer for sure and I am surprised Mike White elected to keep on playing, it was a Mike White decision.

I agree about the suddeness, but I hadn’t thought about low blood sugar causing something this drastic. I guess that would be a good thing if that was the cause?

Mike White said the players chose to play.

I’m sure they gave him extensive physical – including heart – after covid. I’m amazed at the kind of care the Arkansas teams get. If Florida is not doing similar stuff, I’d be surprised.

I saw the video of him passing out on the court. Really scary. Reminded me of the Hank Gathers tragedy. Prayers for Keynota and family.

Myocarditis would not cause the sudden onset. I would also think potentially a simple syncopal episode from an arrhythmia. A stroke doesn’t make sense as there is only one type of stroke that causes you to completely lose consciousness and the overwhelming majority of strokes don’t affect level of consciousness. Just my opinion being a practicing Emergency Physician.

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My opinion as a layman is that your opinion carries great weight. Thanks for the info

the ACC just updated their guidelines for competitive athletes returning to play after having Covid.

The initial guidelines were very conservative, lots of imaging, including MRI. that was appropriate at the time, of course, with so much NOT known.

Last week we had an update, now imaging far fewer players, since it is clear that early estimates of myocarditis rates, post Covid, were greatly overestimated.

But there are clearly guidelines, and a coherent plan, to safely allow players to return to the court.

I don’t know UF’s guidelines, but i would be shocked if that player had not been thoroughly evaluated, including imaging.


ps-ACC= American College of Cardiology

Torn mitral valve of the heart is apparently a side-effect, sometimes fatal, of some COVID cases, especially if with pneumonia. It is hard to detect, but shortness of breath is a primary symptom. A friend had several extensive tests before they discovered the tear (caused by COVID) & corrected with relatively simple heart surgery.

I have seen 2 or 3 news outlets reporting on the situation. A few have merely mentioned his previous Covid infection, and stated “there is not necessarily a connection with this event”. Fair reporting.

Another report spent a few minutes discussing the known and potential heart effects post-Covid infection……… speculating about a connection in this case. Irresponsible journalism, in my opinion.

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Haven’t seen or heard the latter. That said we’re still learning about about the virus and the impact on the body. Will probably learn more over the next few years too.

That’s why Megan and I have been very careful in hopes of not getting the virus. We’ve been blessed so far.

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