Gator Bowl: Defense optional

Poultry vs. Notre Dame. Chickens got a pick six and a TD pass on a fake field goal, but ND has had two one-play scoring drives. It’s tied 31-31 in the last 30 seconds of the third quarter.

Neither team has 400 yards in offense, but they’re getting into the end zone.

Pouring down rain all day here so I am glad I have had good football games to watch and still got Tennessee and Clemson after this one.

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ND scored early in the fourth quarter, was threatening again – but the Chickens got their second pick six of the game, this one a 100+ yard return on a slant. Tied 38-38 with 7:42 left.

And that, ladies and germs, is why slant passes are dangerous, in spite of the numerous armchair OCs who want them called all the time.


Eyeballs are gonna OD on orange Billy. It will not be a visually appealing experience.


Referees were too obvious in the last minute and half of the game. Not saying they were right or wrong, but way too many flags going down to the wire.

I was pulling for the poultry. After that 100 yard pick six, I thought they had a chance.


When defense is allowed to sub after the offense subs, is there any rule on how long defense has to get the sub in? Last minute of the game, clock is ticking, and the ref is standing in front of the QB holding up the snap to allow defense to sub. ND ended up taking a time out due to too many players on the field, but 12 seconds ran off the clock while ref was holding up the snap.

Just wondering in a late game situation like that, with clock running out, if offense subs can the defense make it a slow walk off the field and another slow walk onto the field in order to eat up more clock?


I believe that makes the SEC 1-4 in bowl games. The one being us.

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Actually 1-5 with Carolina losing.

I might have to cheer for the puke oranges tonight. I’m not a fan of Clempsum.

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I’m counting Florida, Poultry, Misery and the Flopnecks. That’s four.

To be played: Tennessee, Kentucky, Bama, Georgia, Moo U, LSU.

Not eligible: Gaggies, Bagmen, Vandy

Math is obviously not my thing. :wink: