Surprised no one has asked about Gatlin yet. I know Matt, Dudley et al will report when they hear something but if someone sees a player tweet or something let us know.

Well, they’re getting ready to practice again, and media day is this afternoon, so we might hear something. If they don’t know anything definitive, you probably won’t hear much.

Gatlin did not participate in practice today. He sat off to the side and wore what looked like a knee immobilizer on his right leg.

Wouldn’t be a Razorback practice without an O-lineman getting hurt.

Ugh…that kid has lots of potential and we need all hands on deck. Hope it’s a sprain and not a tear

When you are carrying 300 pounds plus, any knee injury is of concern. It’s hard enough to play with good knees, but if you are favoring one, not good. Cortisone, meds, and gel injections can only get you so far.

Out for the season, torn ACL.

Absolutely snake-bit. Not even in pads, yet.

Tough start, but hopefully he can come back strong in 2020.


RT! what have we done to the athletic gods to deserve this crap !!! unbelievable!


Iron Myron to RT?

Any word on why Nwanna did not practice?

Chibueze Nwanna was out there dressed out but was standing on the sidelines and not rotating in with the three offensive line units.

Unsure about Nwanna. We’ll see if that is still the case tomorrow morning at practice. If so we’ll work to get some clarification.

Hate it for the kid and our O line.

Hope that the O line can somehow rise above and help a team trying to take a big step.