Has made a huge contribution the last part of this season.

Love that Senior.

Three for three in Omaha ain’t bad

Seeing the ball well and driving it…love it

I have always thought he was a very good hitter just needs to get consistent at-bats use the whole feel and if you come inside he will jack it out of the ballpark

His glove has been good too.

1b is a strength now.

I agree. He’s been great throughout the entire postseason. Glad for him for so many reasons.

I was a little surprised he and Luke weren’t drafted late. They each have some things that hurt them but Gates was a big prospect and has some pop from the left side and is a slick fielder and isn’t as unathletic as he looks.

Luke is probably just a DH but has some pop and gets on base a ton. I thought a team that really values OBP and working counts (like OAK) might take a flyer on him.

Hopefully when teams have draftees sign he will get a FA look if he wants one. I really respect his approach and all the great things he said about being a Hog.

He was formerly a big prospect and could be bigger but it seems he is pretty unselfish and is a hard worker. That’s one reason I always stuck up for him when he took a disproportionate amount of slack from certain posters the last 2 years.

I was confident he would make some huge contributions and he has. Now some of his biggest haters are quietly walking it back. I’m really proud of him. He has certainly proved them very wrong.

Now being referred to as The Gates of Hell in the Longhorn dugout.


Ask Jared

I’d like to take credit for “calling my shot” on Gates’ postseason success. I said in a thread way back before the regional that I fully expected him to get the bat going and to also hit a dinger or two. Fully kidding on the taking credit part. :slight_smile: However, I sure am glad to see him swinging that bat. We will need it in these games to pick up some of our other hitters who aren’t swinging the bat as well. Gates sure as a pretty stroke from the plate. Let’s finish these Shorthorns. Spit.

I’ll give you credit. How can you not like a Senior who has meant so much down the stretch?

He’s a good one.

Might as well take the credit. Him and Jax coming around had made this lineup as deep as you will see in this day and age when they’ve taken some steps with the bells snd bats to actually give pitchers a chance.