I don’t know which dinger was more surprising, Cowboy yesterday or Gates today.

Definitely Cowboy. Gates has pop. He has shown it before.

Wilson, for sure. Gates has a sweet swing and has shown some power in the past. That was his fourth homer this year. Remember he also had the home runs on consecutive days in the regional last year.

That was a beautiful swing

I remember his hot streak last year, but this season has been such a struggle for him.

He is looking healthy. Be a good tine for him to come into form.

Cowboys was more of a suprise! I hope Gates can keep in going with the bat. He had a 2 out hit yesterday and RBI where Fletcher was thrown out trying to get to 3rd. If Gates keeps hitting the hogs are really lethal at the plate.

Gates is getting hot at the right time. Just have to get shaddy and kjerstad hitting

Gates had already hit 3 this season.

It was Wilson’s first in 1,177 days.

So obviously Wilson’s.