Gates was great tonight

Both sides of the ball.

And I didn’t think I could get nervous taking a 10-0 lead into the 9th inning, but it goes to show just how important pitching is. Murphy was brilliant. Glad we still have fresh BP arms.

yes he was!! yeah dissapointed in how Bolden threw the ball but 1st time he has trown in a long time and he was obviously rusty was nowhere near the plate on 4-5 of those but good to see Bonnin come in a close it out.

Agree on Gates. He has made a great difference at 1st. And he has become a solid hitter.

Huge not using any of our top BP guys. We will be fresh tomorrow.

Great win tonight!! I really believe that if Gates, Koch, and Biggers hit the ball well in the postseason then this team could go very deep in the postseason. Maybe even win the whole thing!! Go Hogs Go!!