Gas, having trouble streaming, whats our DPG

I’m so mad I’m not watching need to get this streaming and sec+ figured out, getting stats on my espn app

I’m watching on the watch.espn app and the stream is horrible.

Henderson had a dunk, joe had a nasty dunk, left hand, and Jones had a dunk as well as Cylla. All pretty much new contributors to the DPG.

So DPG looks promising.

Sachawg and Irunalot, it’s so easy to get great streaming, FREE direct to your tv, clear as a bell with ROKU if you have a provider. My granddaughter bought me a $40 roku premier receiver with a remote. Total cost $40 with no monthly fee and came with all Espn channels including Secn and secn+. Just plug into tv, enter ur wifi password and your provider (easy instructions). There are lots of other channels that come with it free too. Told my granddaughter it was the best present I ever got.

I don’t know what your problem might be, but I have noticed the Edge browser provided by Windows 10 sometimes has issues live streaming. I’m not sure why, its about 50/50 when I use Edge if it works, so I always fall back to my Opera browser and it never fails. In fact, tonight Edge would not work, but Opera would. I just chalk it up to Microsofts’ sloppy design for Edge.

Ok here’s my deal and maybe someone has an Idea. Aprox 10 month ago when my internet and cable approached 280.00 a month I started a cable cutting thread and went back and found several more we had on here. Asked Matt and several others lots of questions and someone on here suggested a IPTV which i looked into and love. I had to pump my internet speed up but as far as TV goes I literally have every cable channel and sports channel pro and college out there. Also have all NCAA access ,NHL,NBA NFL MBL every game everyday. I have the SEC channel but its these dang SEC+ ALT I’m having problems with. By the way my IPTV is 13 dollars a month for 2 TV’s and works great, but we have several SEC+ games aned I need to figure that out.

Should also add that I’m using and streaming through a fire stick…any Ideas?

Can you elaborate whether it is an authorization problem or a stream quality problem?

In other words, are you actually getting the feed to open up and play at all?
If it’s not ver opening, what message are you getting?

I will say that I use Roku, AppleTV, Firestick, and iPhone/iPad app
The Firestick is by far the least reliable of them all

Harley, we have Roku also, and I read your response last night, but I can’t find SECN or SECN+ at all on our ROKU. But the radio broadcast was clear, lol


Like you my cable/internet bill is insane. Because of where I live, internet plus streaming would be just as much. Anyways, I can’t stream anything on SECN+ unless I go through the ESPN App (Watch ESPN no longer works, and yes DirecTv allows you to stream). I have noticed issues. The Soccer game last night would freeze up every two minutes and I’d have to reload. The basketball game, absolutely no issues, but I noticed it was about a minute behind the live stats on ESPN’s game cast.

even my stupid ESPN app would not load the game last night. just not meant to be, I guess.


I watched the the game ok on Apple TV, but had to shut down every device in the house off of WiFi, my internet is terrible. I would have cut the cord along time ago. Fear of streaming issues. I don’t get it either, it not like live in the sticks. But ATT doesn’t seem to care, said it the best they can do. I’m currently looking into other options besides ATT for internet.


Mine is a provider issue I think, I have high speed xfinity internet but then it says my provider package doesn’t include that and to contact them. I assume it says that cause I only have internet package not cable. A pop up showing for 4.99 a month I could get the espn family package so I got that last night then it didn’t include sec plus only espn plus so that didn’t do me any good

For those that didn’t get to watch.

Five different players finished with one dunk, and Arkansas was 14 of 18 on layups. Thirty of the Razorbacks’ 91 points came on fastbreak opportunities.

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Do you also have a cable or satellite provider along with your ROKU? Do you get the regular SECN TV broadcasts on your tv through your provider? When you open ROKU, do you have ESPN as one of your free channels? If you can answer yes to those questions, then I can probably walk you through how to search and find SECN and SECN+. If you are using ROKU without a cable or satellite provider, then I can’t help you as I’m not familiar with that.

If you have ROKU, you can get the ESPN app there. When you load the app, go to settings and input your provider. You can then get the games which are on SEC network +.

I had to uninstall my ESPN app, and reinstall it to get any streaming capabilities, besides the ESPN channel last night. I haven’t bothered to watch a Morris PC in 5 weeks, I just replay the last one, so I hadn’t needed to stream anything on it for awhile. I always have to re-authenticate every time I go more than 3-4 days without using it.

You have to have a subscription to the SEC Network on some TV provider to be able to access the SEC+ programming

So that is your issue
A subscription to ESPN alone won’t do it

Ok no way around that in this day and age? I thought most anything could be watched on the internet haha

Thanks, Biff!