Gas getting air time

Gashog seems to be doing his part or just knows when cameras on him. Ha.


Was just thinking the same out here in Ca

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Was that Gas holding up scorecards on dunks.

Anyone have a screenshot?

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I’m wore out.


I was right above Gas. Pam wanted top row for her back. I told Gas to keep those free throws out, but he seemed to fail especially last night. It was not from lack of effort though. He told me he was wore out before the game but we all pushed through,including team.

I recommend this tourney to anyone. It is great.


Jim…Gas kept jumping in front of you stealing your TV shot. He had some good moves there…


Yeah Gas was definitely stealing the show for sure! Glad the Hogs pulled it out, glad y’all had such a great time!!

It seemed Gas was ready to go in game.

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Gas wanted to add to our DPG. Which, by the way, was 5 last night, although we missed our first dunk of the season.

For some reason the live stats weren’t available through the UA website until after the game. I guess I could have gone straight to to find them (I mention that because the live stats are the source for DPG numbers; they’re still not in the official box score).

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I watch ESPN stats. No DPG on that one.

No DPG on that. Dunks appear on the “home stats” or “visitor stats” page on the live stats site.

I had a blast on this trip, it was so electric. The atmosphere was so good. I was fortunate to be here. Thankful to be at a game were we had 11 dunks.

Go if you have the opportunity. I love coming to Maui.
Hog Basketball in Maui is the perfect trip.

Great people and new friends a lot of fun.

I wanted in the game really bad Clay. My vertical is a little iffy but I have heart.

11 dunk game, did I mention that?

I was kind of jealous. Battle 4 Atlantis next year might be a good trip.

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Would like the same. Wish I knew what everyone looked like so I could have known! :smile:

Already being discussed. Have been there once, twice with Hog Basketball would be quite the trip for sure

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I believe you can set screens and they won’t be moving.


That’s so mean, but so factual. They better be setting screens for me I do have range.


Gotta know strengths. You got some.

Jim is super chill, so I heckle in his honor.