Gary Parrish Mock Draft

Has Moses Moody as the 10th pick in the first round(Pelicans) in the mock draft he put out today.

I’ve seen MM everywhere from the 7th pick to out of the lottery. We’ll see next Thursday

Moody’s draft prospects have been like a long roller coaster ride. During the regular season, his stock (by the mock drafts and media) seemed to be on a constant rise.

After the 2 post season tournaments, that roller coaster was on the downward slide.

I think pretty clearly, in the last couple months, his roller coaster ride is back on the rise. His work-outs and interviews seem to be almost unanimously positive.

After the 2 post season tournaments, I was thinking he’d probably taken somewhere in the 20s. Now, I feel he’s likely to go in the mid to low teens and possibly even high single digits.

He’s a great talent with intelligence beyond his years. I hope it’s realized.

Hope he ends up with the 76ers

Don’t think so. Isaiah doesn’t need another player he has to beat out. He has his hands full with Maxey. Let’s spread the Razorbacks around the league. I didn’t think it was good when Sixers signed Mason to go with Isaiah.

I think Joe is a marginal NBA player and Moses can be in the league for years. As a Sixer fan I would love to have both but Joe isn’t going to grab much time on that roster as it is.

IMO, the best thing for Joe would be for the Sixers to trade him. Especially if they re-sign free agent Danny Green. Curry got a 3 year contract, so he will be back. If they are both back and Maxey stays in front of Joe, his only minutes will have to come due to injuries. I was really surprised the Sixers drafted Joe right after signing both Green and Curry, 2 of the best 3 point shooters in the NBA.

I would also prefer that Moses sign elsewhere if they re-sign Green.

Your post makes sense now. Not my favorite team, but I used to love Sixers when they would beat the Celtics. They have had some great teams. Hope they get back there.

I would love to see Moses instead of Green with his age because he can be a good defensive player along with younger. Curry is a great shooter but 2 average defensive liabilities is too much. Green is better defender but Curry is who I want as a shooter

have a feeling he ends up with Dudley’s Celtics

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