Gary Danielson: Bama v LSU

I’ve heard him mention the “11th man” at least twice in apparent reference to the crowd noise causing Alabama to commit several false starts. Does Gary now think there are only 10 men on the field or does he think the crowd substitutes for one of the defenders on those plays?

His reference was because of the Tiger defensive player who was disqualified for the first half of the game.

Ahh good one.

That makes at least a little sense (I guess). I had decided he was saying that because aTm had copyrighted saying the 12th man or something.

i turned the sound down because I got sick of his analysis regarding Devin White…can LSU keep it close until he comes back, his return will jack up LSU, best defensive player on the field returns, blah, blah, blah.

As I suspected his return had no impact…great over-analysis

Danielson stop short of saying the NC is a forgone conclusion but he wanted to… and would be right.

Not taking a shot at you, Marty, but that explanation doesn’t hold water either. He was simply talking mumbly-jumbly - made NO sense at all.

And I generally (not all the time, but generally) like Danielson’s commentary. But the 11th man nonsense was just that - nonsense.

The game last night made me change my opinion. I think the blueprint to beat Bama is out there. We put up 31, there are some offenses that can do better than us running a similar offense. LSU had a good enough defense to hold them under 30 (missed an extra point, but still). Looking at the college football landscape, I think Clemson May be able to put up at least 31 and I think their D is as good as LSU’s and can hold Bama to under 35. That’s the only team I think can beat them, but they will be in the playoff.

His attempt at making Devin White a primary talking point was pathetic.

He was desperate for a game that was never really in doubt to be a contest to the last tick of the clock.