Gary Blair retiring at TAM

After the 2021-22 season.

We’ll always wonder what would have happened if John White hadn’t run him off 18 years ago.

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Little John White, almost ruined our Athletic Dept, from running off Blair to hiring Long.

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White hated sports in general, no one could make that many bad decisions without premeditation…

I think White thought we could do athletics like Georgia Tech where it’s not quite as big a deal. But Tech isn’t in the SEC any more.

Thank goodness, White is no longer in the SEC… although I would like him to show up at Auburn or Ole Miss.

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Gary is a first-class person. I hope he has a great final season.

Here is more on his career:


still have the letter he sent to us when he was recruiting our daughter when she played at Central in the late 90s…class act all the way…damn shame she didnt play for him but thats what 4 knee surgeries wil do for you

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No one worked harder than Gary Blair to promote women’s basketball in Arkansas. That includes high schools too. I was always amazed at his energy and his persistence. Classy person and a great coach. Hope he has a great year and a wonderful retirement.

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Does his son-in-law still coach in Farmington?

The number of times he has been spoken of in highly complimentary terms on this board over the years he has been coaching an SEC opponent speaks volumes of the high esteem he is still held at Arkansas.


Coach Blair is the man! I’m big on Coach Neighbors and Coach Schaefer too! I got to go on a turkey hunt with Coach Vic back when he was Arkansas. It was a fun trip!

He is the Farmington AD now.

Gary was my neighbor when I lived in Ruston, LA. What a great person, so genuine and down to earth. May his retirement bring him well deserved happiness.

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