Gary Blair last night

I’m not a huge fan of our traditional introductions during games, it just kills any fan momentum/enthusiasm. and we had a lot of those last night, prolly the most in the last couple years.

BUT, the hall of honor inductees inclulded Joe Adams, Ron Huery and Gary Blair-love them all, but something about watching Coach Blair call the hogs just struck me as very “right”. I hate how he was let go, but it’s remarkable how he’s stayed in touch with Fayetteville and UA. made me very happy.

and of all the nights to have a HUGE punt return for TD, having Joe Adams there to watch it was just perfect.



I had the same thought. It was good to see Gary in a Razorback shirt. He loves it here. His daughter lives in Farmington.

The timing of the on-field recognitions is good between quarters, which is when the one was for the Hall of Honor. It is a longer timeout and allows for some time to get the crowd going again before the game resumes.

The Hall of Honor introductions used to be at halftime and take a long time to read accolades. Now only their name is read and it can be done in about a minute. Much better.


Shane Beamer may beg to differ about recognizing people between quarters.

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The television money and accompanying commercials will soon have the first start on Friday with the Fourth played on Monday. Shane understands the college drip down effect though in his second year he probably would op for shorting games to “first quarter only games” until his cupboard is better replenished.

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