Garth Brooks coming to Razorback Stadium

Doesn’t have much to do with the economy. Concert ticket prices have been ridiculous for a long time. I looked into attending a Paul McCartney concert in Raleigh a few years back. Nosebleeds were like $180 and places near the stage went for $500+. Needless to say, Paul played without me.

Yeah, I was surprised they were that cheap, I saw the Eagles in Dallas back in September, floor seats went from $750 to $350, lower level was about $200. This was for the second show they added, the secondary market was 4 times that for the original show until they added the additional show three months before the original date. Jimmy Buffett at the AMP is $350 for center section next June, Steely Dan the next night there runs about $180-$250.

I got an email from the Razorbacks. The South Indoor Club is now known as the Diamond Club. I’ve been there since it opened. (I moved our seats there in the summer before it opened because Daddy could no longer climb the stairs. He could ride the elevator and it allowed him to continue to attend games until the fall before he died.)

As a Capital Club or Diamond Club football ticket purchaser, you have the opportunity to purchase tickets in your club in advance of the Dec. 3 public on sale for the Garth Brooks concert. Note: This benefit is only available to specific club ticket purchasers and not anyone else.

Thanks. Nice benefit.

I guess they are opening up all the club areas, it’ll be interesting to see how the stage is set up.

The Capital club seems to be the East Indoor Club. No other club seats were listed, so maybe those are not available?

Ok, the NEZ is available with food and drinks, according to my email, it didn’t list any other clubs in it, just that both the Touchdown Club level and SEC level would be available.

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His stage most of the places, and I know in Kansas City, was in the middle of the field.

I saw him in Fayetteville after he released his first album and right before “Ropin the Wind” at Doc Murdocks. It was a great intimate show and he worked like it was a mega-show. To me he is the greatest and most hard working artist ever. I have seen just about everyone in my time.

I think I will blow off my son’s prom and head to Fayetteville. He can send me pictures of him and his date.:joy:

I saw Garth waaaaayyyy back in the day when he was playing the Tumbleweed in Stillwater.

My favorite Garth song is “Thanks God for Unanswered Prayers”. My buddy that was in radio sent me a CD of that song just before was released. He wrote a note saying.”this song was surely written for you”. He said that because I had a High School crush on this tall beautiful gal. We ended up being terrific friends but nothing else (much to my dismay at the time). My friends convinced my wife that we had a raging love affair. At every reunion my old crush would show up dressed provocatively and be the life of the party. All the wives (including mine) did not like her. And I was glad she ended up being only a friend.

Thank God for Unanswered Prayers hits home for me.

Unanswered Prayers hits home with most of us. I made turns that I could never answer at the time. Always correct.

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Is it because they don’t make as much selling albums anymore in light of downloadable/streaming music? I think I’ve heard that. Sort of makes sense. But if you’re a live performer you’d really need to step up your game to justify the ticket price and draw attendance.

I’ve read that performers make a lot more money touring these days than they do selling albums/downloads. Chicken/egg proposition? Maybe.

I just checked Ticketmaster for the arena in Raleigh where the NHL Hurricanes and NC State play. Eagles tickets are going on sale next week for a 2022 show. It will be interesting to see if the prices are like ricepig described. Other shows like New Kids on the Block are not that ridiculous unless you want stagefront, which was like $1000.

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