Garth Brooks coming to Razorback Stadium


'Cause I’ve got friends in Hog places
Where the whiskey drowns
And the beer chases Bama blues away
And I’ll be okay


Surely everybody has seen his show by now, but if you haven’t, go. It is a spectacle. I have been to several, but will never forget my first. It was the year after he hit it big at Cheyenne Frontier Days. I had standing room tickets about 20’ from the stage (those are the best there). It was amazing. He told the crowd he was releasing a new song in a month or so and was told he was not suppose to do it yet, but he was anyway because it fit. (I am sure his publisher was not going to tell him no). The song was RODEO and that cowboy crowd went crazy. Fun times back in the 90s.

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I’ve already got my ticket and I’m glad to see your endorsement. (Although I might have preferred George Strait.)

I saw Garth Brooks in Fort Smith circa 1990 — after he released his first album, but before he became a megastar.

Presumably, then, we know that spring practice will be over on April 16, the preceding Saturday. It will take them a few days to set up and tear down concert stuff.

How did you get your ticket already? They don’t go on sale to the public until 12/3. Are you a ticket master insider? I think there are also country music fan insiders that also get to buy before the public.

George is The King and is better for me with second not even in the picture. Some people (a whole lot of people), get more into the “show” aspect of Garth. None is better than him when it comes to that. Still, Garth will tell you that George is The Man.

Remember the scene in Pure Country when George is talking to his Grandmother and he said he use to just walk out on stage and just play and sing. Do you think anyone would come to see me? That is what that whole movie is about and for sure they did come out for him.

both are fun. Enjoy

Matt Jones,
I am with you on the Fort Smith G B Show. Fun times…

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My best friend was in country music radio for years. CMA board and ACM board at different times. He spent a good deal of time around artists and folks near them. He speaks highly of George, not so highly about Garth (away from the stage). He said both were terrific performers but George is the King.

Yeah, kind of wondering about that myself. I will get tickets as NEZ season ticket holders will be able to get tickets in the NEZ, but they don’t go on sale until Dec 3. We just log in to the ticket site and buy them then.

My son saw him in Austin a few weeks ago. Great show.

I’ll be curious to see how they set up RRS for a concert. Stage on the 50, or at one end (and which end if so).

I don’t know, I’m hoping with getting seats in the NEZ that it’s around the 50, lol. I can tell you on Dec 3rd.

Yeah if they put the stage at the south end you need binoculars, and if they put it at the north end you’ll get a good view of Garth’s butt.

Others can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think his concert stage rotates, so each corner of the stadium will see his face at various times.

I went to a George Strait concert in Tulsa a few years ago. He would sing two or three songs at each corner of the stage, then move to the next station.



I was covering the Class B (or maybe Class A) state basketball tournament in the spring of 1991 at Yukon High School. That’s where Garth grew up.

It was me, the Yukon football coach and the Daily Oklahoman writer sitting at the scorer’s table for four days of games. The first two days it seems like it was all day and night.

The tournament was being run by Yukon as a fund raiser. The cheerleaders and pom squad of that school did everything from concessions to program sales.

There was a cassette player at the scorer’s table for the music that went out on the PA system between games and at halftime. There were no bands.

The football coach had a selection of albums, including some I thought were good like Aerosmith, etc. He began to play one and here came about 20 cheerleaders waving a cassette (or maybe it was a CD).

“Here is Garth’s album,” one cheerleader said. “Play just this all week.”

It was the great album No Fences, released a few months earlier. I had not heard all of those songs yet, but most are classics. By the second game we’d heard everything three or four times and the football coach and I agreed it was time to play some other tunes. Oh, what a mistake that was. Those cheerleaders charged us and said there would be real trouble if we played anything but songs from No Fences the rest of the week. We obliged.

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Uh, $95 (plus tax, parking, etc.?). I guess that I just did not realize how well the economy was doing (or how well-heeled many on this board must be)! Man, some of y’all probably don’t even have to grow your own groceries. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: