Garrison Brooks to Mississippi State

Completely unsurprising.


Daddy to junior… “Don’t make me put momma on the phone”.

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Would have to put momma and step dad on the phone.

Wonder how much that cost?


The SEC just keeps getting tougher.

However, after dominating the Top 6 last year, the Hugh school recruiting us down this year for SEC. In the latest 247 ranking

2 Tennessee
6 Kentucky
10 Bama
25 A&M
29 Ole Miss
31 LSU
34 Auburn
43 MSU
55 Arkansas

Tennessee did load up with two 5-stars, one high 4-star and another 4-star.

I am looking for team transfer rankings. SEC dominates that.

The recruiting services are going to have to figure out how to account for portal activity. Especially since it seems that high school kids may be somewhat out of luck.

What it means to me is we need to quit worrying about recruiting rankings.

We are operating in a new paradigm. The transfer game changes everything, and we have a coach who is going to prioritize that in his methodology. It seems to be in his wheelhouse. The one year transfers are the new one and dones.

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I would say the combination of covid wiping out all in-person recruiting last year, a weak in-state class, and the fact that we had not yet made our Elite 8 run contributed to the low recruiting ranking. I expect that our next recruiting class will be ranked much closer to the level of our 2020 class.

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Not that it was easy before, but the conference in basketball is looking similar to the meat grinder it has been in football. Maybe made a little more challenging by the assortment of Wades, Pearls, etc in the talent procurement arena. Not saying everything was on the up and up,football wise, but not sure the football coaches have been quiet as brazen in their shortcuts.

The football coaches in the SEC have had a lot more time to work on their underhanded methods. It’s only been fairly recently that about half of the SEC schools really gave a crap about basketball, meaning they cared enough to cheat.

Exactly. Think of it this way. Who do you suspect would win a game between the top 10 high school recruits vs the top 10 Jr/Sr college recruits in the grad transfer portal. IMO, the game would not be close. I think, if they want to continue their past domination, KY and Duke will become more active in the Grad Transfer Portal than in the high school recruiting game. Unfortunately, they will probably be able to cherry pick the portal just like they dominated the 5-star recruits.

I’m thinking this has something to do with the recent coaching departures.

Duke & KY and the rest of the blue bloods won’t have enough room for all of the top portal players.

Plus Muss already got the jump on them. Might even be cherry picking their stars soon.

There are a lot more high-quality players in the portal (defined as someone who has scored 15+ at the D-I level) than there are 5-stars. Cal and K can’t take them all. We just got two of them, (Toney scored 14+ at Pitt, just under my cutoff) and Umude was in the NCAA top 10 in scoring.

This is exactly why I used only the top 10 in each group. That’s where KY and Duke, in years past dominated the quality of the 5 star recruits. You only need to get 2 or 3 of the best 10 each year to continue staying in the top 5-10 of the team rankings. That also will probably mean going to at least the Sweet Sixteen nearly every year like Duke and KY have been doing.

You will still need to do well in high school recruiting, but the larger emphasis will perhaps move to the portal.

Kentucky is already heavy into transfer portal. They have a better transfer portal success than Arkansas this year.

As I said few weeks ago, in a year or two Muss will no longer have an advantage in transfer recruiting and few posters did not like that. Guess what, that advantage may have disappeared already this year.

That is just ridiculous, PJ. Kentucky, by my count, has signed one guy out of the portal and whiffed on several others, including Lykes. You never disappoint in how much you underestimate Muss. At least you are consistent.