When will the staff know something definitive answer on Garland. I’ve heard of no surgery to correct anything. What is the percentage he might never get cleared medically to play? If it turns out he won’t be able to play, will Anderson use that scholarship in the spring or save it for next years class.

They can’t and won’t comment much but if you read between the lines it seems like an irregular heartbeat or something like that.

No one is going to rush that or put him in harm’s way. That probably why the conversation has moved from when he will play to if he will play.

and if he can’t ever play i believe Anderson and the University will still honor his scholarship…to do anything else would be wrong…he wouldn’t count against the limit for the team.

There’s a guy that claim he’s in the know on another board saying Garland will never play, that same guy has been wrong on stuff before so I take what he says with a grain of salt. I also heard on the radio friday, forgot the name of the guy, but he’s on weekdays 12-2, on 99.5, he was saying he spoke to CMA about Garland and he sounded very optimistic about him being able to come back sometime this year, I also take that with a grain of salt.

IMO, I don’t think anybody really knows anything for certain right now, including staff/family and they are waiting to see how the medication goes. I think different people just have different opinions on how it’s going to work out.

Right. If he’s unable to ever play, he would be granted a medical hardship and stay on scholarship without counting against the 13.