There’s been a lot of discussion about whether he will ever get on the floor or not. I am curious as to whether there is any difference of opinion among doctors on whether it is safe for him to play, and whether that is part of the situation at this point.

I seem to recall somebody saying a couple of weeks ago that it did not look good for him to ever play at Arkansas. That suggests that perhaps another school might be more willing than accept an optimistic medical opinion if Garland and his family understand that other doctors feel differently.

I would also think that at some point soon it will become clear whether he is ever going to get a medical clearance that Arkansas can accept, which means he would ever be able to play, take a medical hardship, or transfer. It’s pretty tough to imagine that all involved would want to go through a second year with his status in limbo.

I agree. I hope the kid is cleared but by now one would think this would be decided. I hate it for the kid, he would have helped us this year and a lot more next year. But if he can’t play, we need his spot, hope to sign a big.

Although I don’t have any information about his condition, I don’t believe there is even a 10% chance that he will every play basketball at Arkansas. First, I don’t believe it is injury related and second, if an operation could fix it, he would have had one already. Therefore, he should be given a medical scholarship and free up his position. Even is there is a small chance that he will play, the odds say it is not worth it.