Will they fill his schollie or go on hoping he can play?

Clay said recently that he believes Garland’s career is over and an announcement may be made soon. If that is the case, my suspicion is that they’ll save the scholarship for the 2019 class unless they can land a KYSO recruit/grad transfer. If it’s a grad transfer, the scholie would still be open for the 2019 class.

I am hearing different on Garland, I have talked to his uncle in several different occasions, and he has told me Khalil will be cleared, and his dad has told some of my friends the same. It could be a case of family wanting him to play but UofA not wanting to take liability.

Comments: I believe he will play this season

Has he even played BB the last year?
I’d think it would be hard to contribute meaningfully after a year off.

Sometimes just doing individual drills without playing pickup games can be the best thing for your game. Ya he will be rusty and just like the other 8 newcomers that need to gel. But if he comes back I bet he has great shooting form and ball handling.

I was told by someone I believe to be in the know, that he would never play again. Then a few weeks later, a member of his family said he would, then someone else said no, then someone else said he would. It’s been like that ever since it was first reported he wouldn’t be cleared for last year. I’m curious as to when Clay was actually told what he shared with us, if it was recently (within the last month) it seems to go against what everyone was saying over the last month and would have came from a source (in my opinion from the U of A) that would have first hand knowledge of the situation.

I believe your last sentence 100%. I believe that’s the reason the rumor of him transferring made sense, even though he would lose a year of eligibility (but the NCAA might give it back).

That is exactly what I hear in Little Rock from the people I speak to. As you said, family opinion may be optimistic. We know Clay and Dudley opinions are unbiased. So, I am going with Clay and Dudley.

Only thing is Khalil is so positive on twitter about playing for Hogs. He does not seem dejected at all.

I just don’t know.

Why can he practice with the team if his condition is bad enough that Clay and others say it is doubtful he will play. Rumors of a heart condition are hard to accept if he is practicing and conditioning with the team. There is something I remember about limitations of contact?

But the UofA could ask the family to sign a liability waiver instead of letting him leave.

He was only partially participating. Anytime they went full scrimmage he sat out, just relegated to drills.

Never said they told him to leave. Said, that’s why the rumor of him transferring made sense.

I know that Khalil, his family and friends, his teammates and coaches and the fans all hope he gets cleared.

I know the family was optimistic that he was going to get cleared the last time he went to the doctor, but that didn’t happen.

I know they are optimistic about this time.

But all the optimism in the world won’t make the issue go away or make the doctors do something they shouldn’t.

I highly doubt that any school would clear him without a doctor’s approval.

This isn’t something minor and could have long-lasting problems if somebody goes against a doctor’s advice.

He’s not been doing anything other than what he was cleared for by doctors.

Arkansas is not signing any liability waiver. He will either be cleared and play or will not and want.

Sounds like a life death issue. Huge moral and financial liability potential for the Doctors AND the University no matter how many waivers a kid and his family signs.

Dudley, can you clear something up for me, please. A lot of people claim they are friends with the Garland’s (maybe true, maybe not), and a lot of people claim their kid played with Khalil in JR High, HS, and AAU (again maybe true, maybe not), BUT they (most of those in the two categories above) are saying this issue was something that has been known about since he was in the 7th grade, and that AR did indeed know he had an issue (maybe not what it was) before the physical. Is that true?


I will say that what I heard is it was a surprise, but I have not investigated it.

That would seem to be the case as I can’t believe anyone would be playing with that issue.

But I don’t know for sure.

Thank you