Garland to sign in the spring period

thats not what I wanted

First I’ve heard. Where did you see this?

radio interview with Nic Mason just a bit ago

Did he give a reason why?

Yea, I was listening to the show as well and heard that. Not the news you want to hear, you want them to sign as soon as possible. But, we’ve heard kids say that before. Arlando Cook is the most recent that comes to mind, he was very insistent in most of his interviews that he would sign in the Spring, and he ended up signing in the fall. Similar situation as Garland as well, originally committed somewhere else, decommitted, then committed to the hogs.

The staff has plenty of time from now until November to convince him to go ahead and sign in the fall. I think they’ll get it done.

no, and there wasn’t a follow up question on the subject

I just sent him a text to confirm and ask why.

That’s what both Jaylen Barford and Malik Monk were going to do as well, but then both ended up signing early

His Dad said on another board that he plans to be the first to sign in November, so there’s that, haha.

He said he will sign “after basketball season next year.”


“No reason.”

We’ll see what happens. Would be surprised at all if he changes his mind.

I had forgot about Barford, he was saying he was signing late, even after the Arkansas commit.

That should stimulate the coaching staff to over-sign by atleast (1) assuming a transfer occurs each season as a normality.

Better cautionary than to be at the mercy of a change of heart - Micheal Qualls

Dudley, 2 questions. Did you mean would be surprised if he changed his mind or wouldn’t be surprised at all if he changed his mind?

Also can you compare garland to madden? I’ve not seen garland live but there seems to be a lot of similarities just looking at highlights

I think he will end up signing early.

Ky is a good comparison in terms of his size and ability - at least in high school.