Gang's back together for Hogs

Interesting to read Coach Rhoads’ comments about teaching our young secondary. Based on what we saw this season, I wonder what the heck he’s teaching!?!? We were consistently torched on the back end, and it happened primarily due to poor technique. Our kids simply don’t know the queues for when to get their heads around and look for the ball in the air. I’ve never seen so many passes hitting guys in the back or the helmet - or on a few lucky occasion the flailing arms and hands of a desperate CB or safety. Without a doubt, this unit cost us at least 2 games. It was difficult to watch.

IMO other than the Missouri game our DBs were solid in pass coverage. Now maybe it’s because we gave up so much rushing yards that teams didn’t have to pass. Also it would be nice if we could generate any kind of pass rush.

My biggest complaint is the tackling and poor angles our safeties take (some due to the fact of average speed).

We are always chasing the receiver…our guys are never in position to challenge for the ball. Poor instincts or lack of talent…what is it? I don’t really know. Of course the coach can’t say his players are not SEC calibre players. He has to bring the coach speak.

We have to recruit better corners and safety’s. We all know this.

They had some good moments in coverage and some not so good moments.

However, there were times when pursuit angles were just awful. We can never settle for the secondary play we saw this year.

Pulley is a nice player and Collins played well much of the year. The issue was primarily poor safety play

We obviously had problems at times in the secondary. Some of it is young players who are still learning.f Some is lack of talent. I don’t blame Coach Rhoads. I have faith he knows what he’s doing teaching the young men. Sometimes, it takes time for the “light to come on.” We think it should be quicker than it is for some, and maybe it should. Only the ones involved know!

I think pulley is an SEC talent corner, toliver has his moments but I don’t think he has the over all speed but does have good size. I question if we have even a single safety on the roster that is SEC caliber though.