Games of interest today (12/10)

There’s a few games today that can really help out our RPI.

Mizzou vs #20 Arizona (Mizzou currently down by 5 at half)
Houston vs Rhode Island (Rhode Island was ranked a couple weeks ago, we just beat Houston)
Southern Illinois vs Sam Houston St. (Both are non-conference opponents that have top 100 RPI)
Fort Wayne vs Austin Peay ( Again, both non-conference opponents, obviously rooting for Fort Wayne so their RPI continues to rise)
Mt. St Marys vs Leigh (Leigh has a decent RPI, would be a good win for Mt. St. Marys)

You forgot one.

Update for RPI watchers:
Arizona won
Houston won (as mentioned by PIG)
Sam Houston won (play them game before Florida)
Fort Wayne won
MSM lost

When two opponents play each other (and of course this applies to SEC teams as well) it’s a wash from an RPI standpoint; one will go up, one will go down. Fort Wayne is rated higher than SIU, but not hugely so. The one exception would be in an SEC game when a team we play twice faces a team we play once; we would then benefit more if the two-game opponent wins.

While that may be true this is still a game of interest. Sam Houston St. has a great chance to win their conference and be a tournament team. They have a better shot than Southern Illinois, if we beat them that looks good on our resume having a win against another team in the field/conference champion. Having a good RPI is good, but as we discussed in the RPI discussion thread it’s not the only factor, you want to have some quality wins against teams that are also in the field. I guess I should have clarified in the OP, why I had that game listed, sorry about that.

True dat. I guess any game played by one of our opponents who might have a chance to be a decent contributor to SOS/RPI at season’s end would be of interest, and two opponents playing each other, more so. (I can’t remember if any or all of those teams were involved in the Gopher Shootout or whatever they called that semi-tournament).

Swine, you were correct, we went from 18 to 33.