Games in Bud Walton

When did they stop announcing the starters for the visiting team?

I haven’t been to a game this year, but I can’t recall that happening before.

They certainly announced them Saturday, as well as all the other games I’ve been to this year. Now days, both teams line up for the anthem, then they go right to the starting lineups, visitors first. I can distinctly remember their players going over to the refs for the fist bump.

They have not stopped. Not sure where you are coming from. Please explain.

I don’t remember a time this year or any other when that has not happened.

It is very low key compared to the Arkansas starters announcement so that may be what you are thinking.

Could you point out specific game?

Dudley it was at the W Kentucky game and the last Exhibition game.

I was at both exhibition games, they announced the starters. I can’t speak for W Kentucky game though.

They announced the WKU starters. Like Dudley said it’s low key and quick.


Double checking with the school, they were announced at every home game this season. There hasn’t been a time they weren’t announced to anyone’s knowledge.

The opposing team’s introduction might take less than 45 seconds. A short conversation about dinner plans could cause you to miss it.

Thx. Guess I need to pay closer attention. Guess I was too busy during pregame counting how many were sitting court side at $10k a pop. Counted about 50 for W Kent.

I have seen games in BWA where the visitors completely ignored the introductions; nobody ran out on the court, fist bumps, etc. But they were introduced nonetheless. Not this year, though.

During the introductions of the visitors, students say negative thing about each introduction. It is kind of hard to miss it, even if it is less than a minute.


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Went to the game the other night, my first bball game in a while. One thing I miss from the old days, I used to love the way they played the national anthem with the two trumpets on the floor. Probably my favorite rendition of the anthem ever. Wish they would bring that back…