Games blacked out

I’ve tried to watch both games on my computer, but get a message the game is blacked out in my area. (Little Rock). This is incredibly annoying. Do they think if they black it out in Arkansas, we’re all going to pack up & drive to Frisco? I subscribe to both ESPN & the SEC network. What’s worse, I’m able to watch the game between the University of Nebraska at Lincoln Cornhuskers v. The University of Arizona at Tucson Wildcats game. (Since this board is owned by the ADG, I thought I ought to follow the mandatory style of reference.)

I posted a couple of weeks back about the blackout. The games are being televised this weekend by Cox Sports TV, which allowed the SEC Network to simulcast it online outside of the areas where Cox cable is available. That’s Cox protecting its asset, which is understandable.

Cox isn’t available in Little Rock.

And as I have noted several times on here, it should be blacked out here in NWA, as Cox is the cable provider, but I am watching on the ESPN app. My ESPN provider is DIRECTV. Go figure. Happy I can see it, but don’t understand why it would be blacked out in LR

Visiting My Parents in LR and have the same set up: ESPN app via DIRECTV.

No blackout for me either.

The workaround to watch games like this is too use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), when properly implemented you should have no problems with blackouts using services that you’ve already paid for to watch these games.

I think you also can circumvent a blackout by using your phone’s data to access the ESPN app instead of being connected to a wireless network. Of course that eats up your data plan.

Well I did pack up and drive to Frisco. However, after sitting through that Saturday night game I decided to drive home Sunday morning. I went to two local sports bars on Sunday before I found one in Fayetteville that likes Razorback sports. The one in Springdale couldn’t get the game and didn’t have much interest in Razorback baseball.

I love the Hogs but I think they need some more work before I call them a finished product. Sometimes they shine. Sometimes they look like they need to go back to the processing line for more polishing and grinding.

I would agree.
But one thing we know. DVH is usually a pretty good polisher and grinder.

One thing that DVH noted at today’s Swatters Club meeting was the energy of the club on Saturday and Sunday in Frisco. He said he felt the Nebraska game was going to go as it did. There was a lot of energy in the dugout and they were determined.

But the team was completely flat vs Okie lite. He tried to get them riled up, but it didn’t happen.

Oh, I understand several fans did in fact go to Frisco. I considered going, too. However, my decision didn’t hinge on the game being blacked out. I bet yours didn’t, either.

Was a patient at UAMS in2010. Watched Hog Baseball on cox then. Selfish. If I can’t see it nobody should. HaHa