GameDay to Chicago

ESPN chose to send College GameDay to Soldier Field for the Notre Dame-Wisconsin game.

That’s fine. I’d rather have Ms. Rutledge and company anyway

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CBS game……didn’t really think we had a shot……

Notre Dame-Wisconsin is a Fox game. GameDay doesn’t choose only ESPN games.

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There is a great need to pump up ND and Big 10… not surprising.

They seldom do anyone outside of Bama, Florida, or LSU if the game is on CBS. We are not part of that club at this point.

And don’t really deserve to be, either. We have kind of a nice team. I’m going to enjoy watching them play this year. Love Pittman. But Arkansas is not a marquis draw. Small state + bad football in recent years = no Game Day. It’ll be a process. Let’s have a good season this year and it’ll happen at some point.

GameDay is saving their visit for the following week in GA. That will be a match-up of 2 top 10 teams in Athens. #2 GA and #9 Arkansas.


Ole Miss and Bama play that day. Not much else to choose from except ND/Cinncy and Wisconsin/Michigan. Since they are covering those teams next weekend I don’t see that happening. I am hoping we win next weekend but I don’t want Gameday at GA to hype up our game. I think it will be Bama/Ole Miss due to the QB hype around both teams.

Just keep winning.


ESPN Gameday has done many games that were on CBS.

In 2020 ESPN Gameday did 5 games out of 13 weekends not on ESPN/ABC:
4 that were on CBS and 1 that was on NBC (Notre Dame vs Clemson).

I 2019 ESPN Gameday did 5 games out of 13 weekends not on ESPN/ABC:
All 5 were on CBS.

I 2018 ESPN Gameday did 5 games out of 13 weekends not on ESPN/ABC:
4 on CBS and 1 on NBC (Notre Dame vs. Michigan)

It could happen!

We have a good chance to beat A&M. Might not happen, but we are good enough to do it.

We’re due

SEC Nation is going to Columbia for the South Carolina - Kentucky game.

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