Gameday talking heads...

already saying Arkansas is no match for Auburn. “Bear” says Auburn will win big and cover the 10.5 spread. Herbstreit says Auburn’s defense is way too strong for Arkansas. Already picked Auburn to win. Desmond saying our offensive line has 3 new starters and a converted defensive lineman. Auburn’s d-line will dominate. Also, Desmond says our loss of Kody Walker is a huge impact and will not have somebody to help in pass protection.

I hope our Razorbacks come out with fire tonight and shut these talking heads up. I know we have our weaknesses but we are also an overall very good football team. I must have imagined that we beat a very good Ole Miss team last weekend. I just don’t get the love fest with Auburn. We will find out this evening.

85% chance of an Auburn win? I think Auburn has an edge in this game for all the reasons listed all week, but 85%. I don’t think so.

They may have given Brett some real talking points or a chance at an emotional help.

I think Auburn wants it more and has more D talent.

They are playing for mahlahns job and we are coming off draining emotional win.

Sets up nicely for Auburn.

If we lose I think last time this year.

But if we win we have a shot at 11 wins

Corso picked the Hogs. Doomed Again!

I don’t think that it matters who Corso picks. He has no clue any more. I used to think he was the kiss of death, now — not so much.

The talking heads apparently speak the truth