Gameday Experience

May have missed it, but I’ve seen nothing about traffic or parking or ticketing issues for the Carolina game. How’d it go for y’all this week?

Much better from what I’ve read in other places. I always arrive early so it really wasn’t an issue either week for me. Traffic was better after the game, but some of that for me was that I didn’t leave until the game was over, several people had already beat me out

Better overall. The only trouble we encountered, coming from Little Rock was the backed up traffic at the Razorback Road entrance (exit 60) from I-49. It was backed up quite a ways on I-49. It took us more than an hour to get from that entrance to Lot 56. Post game flow, despite having to turn left only on MLK, was much better than last week. It was also much better going through the gates.

Traffic and getting in wasn’t too bad. Followed Waze and it directed us in around the majority of traffic.

Concessions again, however, were AWFUL. They really have to get something different figured out.

It was interesting that the followup survey did NOT allow for comments. Maybe it was because I gave (relatively) high scores for everything. I was going to comment on the lack of a Wright’s stand in the Diamond (South Indoor) club.

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I was out of state for the first game, so can’t compare, other than what I read. But getting into lot 56 went easier than expected (still don’t know if it better to come down MLK from I -49, or take Razorback Road off of I-49 and come in past the baseball field). But anyway. The shuttle up to RRS went smooth. Got out at the SECOND stop, walked over to Gate 14. No wait to get in to speak of.

Concessions actually went pretty fast. Much better than last year.

Leaving, not much of a wait to catch a shuttle down to lot 56. Still forced to turn East on MLK out of Lot 56 which makes no sense. Took longer to get out (I wasn’t that many cars back in line from the exit) than I would have liked, but, I have seen it worse. Stayed on MLK until got to 71, went south down to the bypass, took it over to I-49 where we went north. Easy going as soon as we got on the bypass.

Over all, pretty good to very good. Much better than I expected.