Game Week!

Well, here it is. GAME WEEK! I have the DVR set, priority number 1.

Just a little thought or advise for from an old fart. We look at these first games as a to what it means for the season. How does it translate versus SEC? That is natural. We all do it. First, LA Tech deserves our attention. Can anyone say Toledo? Sure, an SEC team “should” handle them, but they are no joke and better be taken serriously. Second, there are only 12 of these games. Enjoy it for itself. Before you can blink, we will be playing MO and then what? Enjoy the moment. You would love a game like this in April. Just enjoy them, for themselves. Those big SEC games will come as will TCU. Don’t look ahead to them. They will all happen.

We sit around and read this board for a year waiting for this. It is here. Now enjoy it!

Great post! I can’t wait for next Saturday. Football season is finally upon us, my Hog brethren!!

Given the unknowns for both teams this week, nothing would surprise me in the range of an Arkansas walkover to it still being a game when the fourth quarter begins, though I expect Arkansas to do no worse than pull away late.

I won’t post anything negative. I try not to think in negative terms; especially prior to the actual start of the season. I cheer for The Hogs and hope for the best.

In any given game outcome, one team is going to win and the other team is going to lose. Even Alabama can - and does - lose; they proved that last year. The Tide was beaten by a team that lost to The Hogs in a thriller; Ole Miss.

This is my favorite season of the year; and Razorback football is, in large measure, the key to my enjoyment of it.

                                    Woo, Pig! - - - SOOIE!!!!