Game time vs Butler

I didn’t think they set up the game times until Monday, but ESPN shows our game against the Bulldogs to be at 2:10 on TruTV. Also, the ESPN prediction forecast is predicting a 61% chance for Butler winning.

That forecast is undoubtedly taken from BPI, which likes Butler better than it likes us.

I still like the matchup and hope we are able to win and advance to the second weekend.

Those odds of Butler winning will go down as it gets closer to Friday! Any time we beat ESPN forecasters I love it! ESPN rarely ever picks Arkansas!

Sagarin’s power rankings are a pretty reliable predictor of betting lines at this point in the season, and they show this game as a virtual “pick 'em”.

I don’t know how well Butler or Purdue travel, but I’m concerned that our fans will be greatly outnumbered in both games (should we reach the second round).

However, the NCAAT shouldn’t be “easy”. It’s all about mature teams handling the road that’s dealt to them. We’ve been given a bid; now, it’s up to us to do what we can to earn respect. That’s how you get it. … 2018/team/