Game time tonight

Even without rain, I think Arkansas and Texas Tech are looking at least an hour delay for their game tonight, and that may be generous.

This Mississippi State-North Carolina game probably isn’t going to end until 1:30 or so, then the Texas-Florida game can’t start for at least 65 minutes. Assuming that game is quick and uninterrupted (both unlikely), it would not end until around 5:30-5:45, which would not put Arkansas and Texas Tech on the field until closer to 7.

According to the forecast, there are some storms that are supposed to roll through late afternoon or early evening.

Looks bad all the way till WED next week.

In the past, has a 3rd game of the final ever been played on a Thur/Fri?

The Coastal Carolina-Arizona championship game was played on Thursday morning two years ago.

Now that the Moo game is final, I assume the UF-UT game will start at about 2:30 or an hour & half late. Is the weather such that this 2nd game will likely finish on time & ours will only be only about a 1-2 hour delay?

Games in the tournament are going 3 hours minimum. Plus 65 minutes between games according to their Twitter feed. That would start us right at 7 pm under ideal circumstances, and any more lightning just screws it up worse.

It’s probably about to storm here again. It has gotten really dark in the past 30 minutes or so.

The Texas-Florida game is scheduled to begin at 2:37 p.m.

If they start at 2:37, that’s a 3.5 hour window to get that game in and get the Hogs started on time. With 65 minutes between games, then that means the Gators-Horns game can only go 2:18 minutes for Arkansas to start on time. And that’s without a weather delay. Better add the extension to the DVR and then record SportsCenter.

The radar now actually looks pretty promising, unless something else not currently showing pops up in the interim - which it certainly could.

You can pull back out on the image that comes up with the link below to see the entire middle of the US, then put it in motion to see where things are and what direction they are headed in, with relation to Omaha. … E0363:1:US

Well the castrated bovines vs. future wallets’ game has begun & they’re into the 2nd inning. Maybe it’ll be a rather quick game. (I guess that’s a bit of a stretch unless it turns into a pitchers’ duel. Since it’s an elimination game, there are likely to be lots of pitching changes as soon as anyone shows the slightest weakness.)

Actually, it’s not that big a deal if this game doesn’t start on time. It was scheduled for 6:00. A 7:30 start isn’t bad at all.