Game time Monday

It’s really striking how similar the Hogs’ and Nebraska’s stats are in Matt’s post. Our runs scored and slugging percentage are higher, but their batting ave. is a solid 10 points higher. Fielding averages are identical. However, when you see the very last line, it’s clear they really aren’t that similar because of the large disparity in strength of schedule.


I have never read so many pestemestic people on this board when it comes to whether!

Research guys? For Phil? You’re killing me. Phil is his own research department. So is Chuck. Maybe somebody told him something that he misinterpreted, but he doesn’t have a “research guy”.

That’s surprising to me. Isn’t he employed by IMG as well as having a spot on ESPN Arkansas. I figured surely those organizations would provide him some research support and info. I would have thought the same for Chuck.

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