Game time Monday

Schedule says 6 PM, but subject to change. Hopefully it won’t be another 8 PM game.

I’m good with 6, 7, 8, or 9 pm. Don’t care at all when we start. Bring them on and let’s play ball

Are we home or visitor tomorrow night? I think both of us have been visitor once each, so I guess it’s a coin flip.

I thought we were the home team tomorrow.

Again, I don’t care at all whether we start at 5:00 or 9:00 or anywhere in between …or whether we are home or away… Let’s just start playing like we are capable of and have been all year. There’s no tomorrow

From what I understand, if the game is rained out tomorrow, (and I pray it doesn’t happen), Nebraska will move on to the Supers by winning tonight.

Surely that cannot be right. Even the NCAA couldn’t come up with a rule that ridiculous.

It’s not. Matt cited the rule that says it would be played on Tuesday in the other thread titled “hope this doesn’t happen”

They will play Tuesday if it rains tomorrow. Game time is 6 pm and Hogs are home team.

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The game will be televised by ESPN2 (subject to change).

Raining Monday and Tuesday. Has any team had to wait till Wednesday? Let’s hope the weatherman is wrong as usual and this stuff moves out by tomorrow evening.

I’m seeing 40% at 600 dropping to around 30% for the next 3-4 hrs . Looks like we should be able to get it in

Subject to change is an understatement… ESPN thinks so much of the Number One Seed we were shifted around on three channels during the game. Baseball TV gods have mercy if LSU is playing at the same time.

I’m good with whatever the team wants. Have they complained about the 8pm time?

I’d like to know where you read that

Phil Elson said it on the postgame radio show last night, apparently. He later tweeted that he shared bad information.

That’s crazy. Guy on radio or th must know the rule. Now I don’t know what to believe out of his mouth. And I like him.

Easy there killer, Phil is a GREAT play by play guy and representative of Razorback baseball. He didn’t know one arbitrary rule that almost never comes into play. How about you give him a pass like most of us are.


I love listening to Phil and Bubba on our baseball games. I never listen to the broadcast analysts. I always listen to the Gameday app or Tune-in radio app.

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I’d bet that Phil didn’t just throw that info out there off the top of his head. You know he has research guy(s) who feed him info on rules, stats, and other general info to relay to his listening audience. In his tweet, he took responsibility for the bad info, which he should have. But I’d bet a researcher got a but chewing in private.

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