Game thread

Didn’t see one so I decided to start. I like Wallace at RT. Wish we could get a little more wiggle room in the run game. Allen playing possessed early!

I love what I’m seeing. I didn’t know what to expect tonight. Felt like we should win easily, but there’ve been too many close games & upsets this season for me to have been as confident as I’d have liked. Now with this 21-0 lead & our total domination of them, I can sit back & enjoy a cruise to a win. (I’m not worried that I’m speaking too soon.)

Our defense is playing lights out thus far. Wow.

My concern for next week (and I realize there’s a long way to go in this one) is that Texas A&M’s defensive ends (Myles Garrett and company) will be in Allen’s face all day. Going to have to be creative in how we provide him time to pass. Our RT is still up for grabs.

Pick 6 again

Love it

Devwah has elite burst. So ready for him to break one.

Agree on Whaley! Ready to see him in the open field! RT play still very suspect.

Why is AA running the ball???

To risky

My question, why was he in there when we’re up 42-3?