Game thread: Outback bowl

Go Hogs!!

I was looking for this. Go Hogs.

We’re looking salty. I like it.

One mistake, no worries, pick it up later.

Poor play Thompson on that INT.
Good drives nets 0!

Omg are you kidding me first freaking interception in about 5 games!!! Go get the ball Thompson!!

Yep! Poor announcers too I have muted these idiots.

Yep, they are making a lot of excuses for PSU if they lose.

OL got to do a much better job blocking
… DJ made a couple of runs on his own, we only blocked one play very well that is got to improve

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Not in love with that play call…still the announcers were correct in saying the wr has to come back to the ball.

That’s right! We came to play.

Great pressure leads to an interception that’s what I’m talking about!!!

Now go get 7…way to go D

Good job Brooks!!

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Way not like the call? Receiver was wide open. Needed better effort and maybe a quicker release

Come on OL get off the ball!!!

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What a play by Brooks. That flip old man ‘MO”

INT gets absolutely nothing!!! That’s not good

  1. because when we roll out we limit ourselves to only one side of the field.

  2. because we were dominating in the run game.

  3. no real “play action”

Need to establish the run game to open up passing game.