Game thread..Hogs vs. State

Go Hogs

Refs better call this right.

What a start…
I hated the first play call.
Hold on to the ball - got a break there.
Early penalties on offense

Penalties killing drives.

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Yeah, that kind of slop will get you beat.

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I hated that first call, too. And a couple of false start penalties kill the opening drive

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We generally do not play winning football. Penalties especially.

I wouldn’t go that far, but Wagner has been out a while, so…

Penalties are this teams kryptonite.

Nice to see that the O line is ONCE AGAIN not ready for game time!

Home game, there is no excuse for these fall stats.

First okay was wide open. 6 points if thrown better

Pass rush is going to be necessary

Loved the first play call.
Gotta clean up penalties.

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One of my bigger disappointments is the inability to clean up the dead ball penalties on offense. Too many false starts by a Senior starter is extremely confounding. Hopefully we develop enough depth that repeated mistakes get some bench time.

Hope we pass a lot today as their pass defense is not that good

If my aunt had nuts she’d be my uncle.

Good first series on D!

Got a break on that running into the kicker. Glad they had 6 yds to gain instead of 5

3 false starts less than 6 mins into the game. Frustrating