Game thread: Arkansas at TCU

There is one on the Lounge, but I’ll start one here.

Go Hogs! [attachment=0]hog.gif[/attachment]

Looks like his pass defense is improving… :smiley:

Two turnovers have really been big for us. One stopped a likely TD & one got us one. WPS

Defense has played great this half. Great!


Great half by D

Yep, the D has been terrific. Now, we need the offense to find the end zone this 2nd half. TCU gets the ball to start the 2nd half. That 1st possession is very important. The D needs to come out with their hair on fire.

Expect them to mix it up on 1st down in the 2nd half.

Exactly Harley. Don’t give [color=#800080]TCU[/color] any momentum.

Was afraid of that we need to answer

Going to have to get things rolling with the offense. TCU is going to score points. Let’s go Hogs…

We should have gone for 2 after our TD. Thinking of Alabama game 2 years ago.

Enos is going to have to get a little creative with his play calling this 2nd half. Time to get the ball to Reed in space.

Allen kid playing a heck of a game. Heck of a game.

I have a bad feeling after that missed 22 yard field goal.

1st & goal & no points.

Come on D!!!

they can from the 15.


Booing a kid headed to the locker room?

Yea, that is exactly what I was thinking. Classless. Ellis has played his tail off. Hope he’s alright.

I will say it again, (if it isn’t wrong)

We are a running team and can’t score from the 2. Unreal.

Now we don’t tackle.

Game is closer than I thought it would be, but we are giving it away,