Game thread A&M

Guess I will start it

We are cold as ice

As cold there as it is here!

I wish Notae would stop picking up these early fouls.
We can’t afford to have him go to the bench for a long period of time.
Dad gum it!! JD just picked up his second foul!!
Not good.

We look sleepy so far.

7 points for the Aggies off 4 TO’s.

Hope we aren’t behind by double digits at half. No JD for the rest of the half

Lazy pass turns into anothe to! That’s 5!
C’mon J W!!

Why does Lykes keep putting the ball on the floor? That’s the second time.

we look like crap

7 TO’s!!
Our offense is horrible right now.

Good Lykes. Bad Lykes. Same w devo

Once again, defense is saving our butts!

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They need to get in a rhythm.

I’ve come to the realization that FUGLY is just our style. It is who we are. I use to think the ugly games were the aberrations but now I realize they are the norm and the amazing games are the aberrations.

We are just a TO waiting to happen it seems.

Aggies are quicker at 4 out of 5 positions. Forcing us to chase instead of defend.

We are not defending the 3 very well

yeah,that’s becuz aggie players are blowing past the initial defender and then kicking out to the spot up shooter

gotta cut that off somehow

just not sure how

Yeah, by this point in the game you’d think they would figure that out!

Absolutely NO defense on the 3!